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Let's Invest to Make a Better World

More Risk, More Return

Our Services

A. Financial Analysis of Investment Projects
We can prepare financial reports for your projects, using COMFAR software to generate graphs and tables that show financial indicators such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), Normal Payback Period (NPBP), Dynamic Payback Period (DPBP), Break Even Point (BEP), NPV Ratio and financial statements such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Discounted Cash Flow, Cost of Products, Fixed Investment Cost, Pre production Expenditures, Net Working Capital, Sources of Finance and Annual Sales Revenue.

B. Market Research
We can do Market Research for all products and services and prepare Bankable Market Study Reports.

C. Valuation 
We can calculate the value of any type of assets, from an idea to a factory. 

D. Holding Training Workshops 
We hold workshops in financial appraisal of investment projects with the aid of COMFAR Software.

Founder & CEO

Ashkan Karbalaeifar is graduated from the Iran University of Science and Technology where he obtained his masters degree in Technology Transfer as his fields of study in Management of Technology. Also he Completed a B.S in Industrial Engineering at Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. Ashkan has worked as an Investment Analyst since 2007 at 4 different organizations. Another of his business activities since 2010 has been teaching the Financial Assessment of Industrial Projects with the aid of COMFAR software. He is particularly interested in topics at the intersection of Foreign Investment and Private Equity. In this Regards, he has passed some online courses such as Financial Markets by Prof Shiller at Yale University and Private Equity by Prof Caselli at Bocconi University. Now he is the CEO of his own firm ( which serve investment consultancy services in private equity sector (Green Field and Expantion Projects, Non-Listed Companies, ...) 

He is also founder of DANA20 business school ( that presents e-learning courses in financial and economic fields for all age groups. is the third platform that has been designed and created based on his knowledge & efforts.

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